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Wolfson Children's Hospital Spine Service


Whether your child has just received a diagnosis of a spine disorder or needs ongoing care, our Wolfson Children’s Spine Center experts are here to provide early diagnosis, treatment and long-term management for a variety of conditions.

Why Wolfson

Spine treatment in children is highly specialized since their bones are still growing. That’s why we have the only orthopedic surgeons in the region who have additional pediatric orthopedic training. And if your child needs neurosurgery expertise, you can feel good knowing that Wolfson Children’s has one of the best neurosurgery programs in the nation.

Team Approach

We bring together a team of experts from different medical specialties to provide the highest level of coordinated care for your child. Our patient-centered approach takes your child from diagnosis or second opinion to personalized, cutting-edge treatment and ongoing therapy or rehabilitation.

Programs and Services

Our pediatric experts treat a wide range of common to complex spine conditions.

Spine Tumors

Neuro-oncology (cancer) care for complex spinal tumors

  • CNS germ-cell
  • Meningiomas
  • Osteosarcomas
  • Many other types

Spine Defects

Multidisciplinary care for children with spinal conditions

  • Herniated discs
  • Spina bifida
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Fractures and more

Back Pain

Children can experience significant back pain due to a number of conditions, whether congenital (at birth), caused by a traumatic injury or associated with another disease or disorder. Our pediatric pain management experts develop a personalized plan for each child, using a variety of treatments including medicinal, behavioral and rehabilitative therapies.

From teaching relaxation techniques and coping skills to improving strength and mobility through physical and occupational therapy, we find the right combination to help keep your child pain-free. For more information or an appointment, call 904.697.3600.

Our Team

Some spine conditions can be treated by neurosurgeons and others by orthopedic surgeons, or both. At Wolfson Children’s, our multidisciplinary team works together to treat the specific needs of your child. The spine team includes experienced pediatric neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists, anesthesiologists, rehabilitation therapists and others to care for your child’s specific needs.


The Spine Center serves children from North Florida, South Georgia and beyond. Wolfson Children's is located on the south bank of the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida.