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My Baptist Chart at Wolfson Children's

Access your child's medical information.

What is My Baptist Chart?

My Baptist Chart is the online portal system designed to help streamline your family’s health care.

Providing secure access to medical information anytime or anywhere, My Baptist Chart lets you view test results, pay your Wolfson bill and more. You can even link accounts from other health care organizations that use MyChart.

Sign In to My Baptist Chart

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Accessing Your Child's Records in My Baptist Chart

Parents/guardians can access their child's health information in My Baptist Chart after setting up a proxy account. As a proxy, you can manage appointments, view lab results, message a doctor, view medications, request prescription refills and more.

You must have your own My Baptist Chart account to access a child's account. If you don't have one, learn how to set yours up here.

Getting Started

Once you have a My Baptist Chart account of your own, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose the correct form

Child/Adult Form
| en español

  • child 0-11 years
  • adult 18+ years


Adolescent/Emancipated Minor Form
| en español

  • child 12-17 years
  • you’re an emancipated minor (get access for yourself)

Step 2: After completing the correct form, return it to your child's care team at your next appointment, or mail it to the address on the form.

Step 3: Once approved, you'll be sent a code to activate and connect your child's account to your own.

More Proxy Details

Several Ways to Access My Baptist Chart

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    My Baptist Chart Website

    Open My Baptist Chart on your computer, tablet or phone's browser at my.baptistchart.com. No app download required.

  • two smart phones that show the Baptist Access app home screen and a Baptist location map

    Baptist Access App

    Launch My Baptist Chart from our Baptist Access app, where you can also find your way around our hospitals, get directions and more.

  • My Chart logo

    MyChart App

    Download the MyChart app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Choose Baptist Health as your provider and select Sign Up.

More information and help on our Baptist website

  • Full details on easily creating your own adult My Baptist Chart account
  • Videos and help
  • FAQs, including technical help

Looking for your child’s health information from Nemours or UF?

Pay Your Bill

Learn how to pay your Wolfson or Baptist bill using My Baptist Chart.

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