woman smiling and playing guitar in front of crayon sculpture at WCH

Music Therapy

Board Certified Music Therapists at Wolfson Children’s Hospital provide coping and care to children and families through music-based interventions.

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship. This is done by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.

By easing stress, perceived pain and hospital-induced anxiety, music therapy helps children gain a sense of control and provides the tools to process their experiences in the hospital environment.


Our music therapists are active members of the health care team working throughout the hospital in PICU, NICU, Hematology and Oncology, Behavioral Health and more. They are certified through the Certification Board for Music Therapists (MT-BC) and have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in music therapy specializing in music's impact on physical, emotional, mental and social needs.

Learn more about one of our music therapists here.

How can music therapy help?

  • Support pain management, normalize the hospital environment and promote mobility
  • Decrease children’s anxiety, manage pain perception, provide developmentally appropriate opportunities and promote child and caregiver relaxation
  • Support the child and caregivers’ coping and self-care, improve patient mood and decrease isolation
  • Enhance communication, increase emotional expression, and provide psychoeducation
  • Create memory making and legacy building for families of children with a poor prognosis

Music Therapy Internship

Wolfson Children’s Hospital is committed to providing a quality learning experience to students preparing for a career in music therapy. Our 1040-hour internship includes clinical experience in the PICU, CVICU, NICU, hematology and oncology, behavioral health and acute floors. Interns will gain an understanding of the impact of hospitalization on the psychosocial and developmental needs of children by working with patients who are hospitalized for a variety of acute and chronic diagnoses. Interns will also develop skills in assessment, treatment goals, procedural support and teaching, documentation and family support.

Our internship is designed to facilitate the student’s professional growth by participating as a member of an interdisciplinary healthcare team. Interns will be required to complete basic assignments throughout the internship and will assume increasing responsibility for planning and implementing interventions as the internship progresses.

If you are interested in the music therapy internship, please click here for detailed information. Wolfson Children’s Hospital is taking applications for a January 2025 start date.