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Wolfson Children's Hospital Volunteer


The Wolfson Children’s Hospital Auxiliary organizes volunteers to meet many needs throughout the hospital. Auxiliary volunteers represent all ages and groups of the community and spend three to four hours a week serving the needs of our patients and staff. Each day, our volunteers make a difference in the lives of patients and families in the hospital.

Join the Team

To join the Wolfson Children's Auxiliary volunteer team, fill out the Auxiliary membership application and follow the application instructions for submission.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a member of the Wolfson Children's Hospital Auxiliary volunteer team.


A volunteer at Wolfson Children's Hospital

Our volunteers serve in areas throughout the hospital, including:

Admitting and information
Volunteers greet and assist families with information and admissions.
Wolfie wagon
Auxiliary members visit patient floors with a traveling store full of gifts and snacks to help patients, families and staff feel more comfortable.
Wolfie mascot
Our volunteers help bring Wolfson Children’s Hospital’s mascot alive to bring cheer to the children.
Surgical services
Volunteers in surgical services assist families and staff, acting as a liaison in the surgical waiting room, holding area and POPS (outpatient surgery) areas.
Child Life music
If you are a musician, you can share your musical talents with patients and visitors in different hospital units.
Library/media center
Volunteers have many jobs in the library, including reading to children, telling stories, sharing a learning experience with patients or their siblings, and/or helping patients with resource books on the computer.
School tours
Auxiliary members lead tours of elementary school children (kindergarten through second grade) to help familiarize them with the hospital setting.
Volunteers also pass out handmade items, including blankets, infant hats, gowns, cloth dolls and animals that have been donated by the community.
TLC/hospitality cart
Volunteers visit each patient room to supply patients’ needs for blankets, ice, magazines and other personal items.
Office assistance
Volunteers in hospital offices assist staff in designated operations and support and float to areas where assistance is needed.
Pet therapy
If your pet is a certified pet therapy animal, you can work with the Auxiliary to visit patients and families on the floors.
Children's emergency center and patient ambassadors
These volunteers assist patients, families and staff by keeping communications open between staff and family members in the waiting room. They also pass out items to help keep children busy and entertained as they wait.
If you are an experienced clown, you can visit with patients, families and staff to share your special skills for bringing out the smile in every child.
Child Life
Volunteers with our Child Life department provide bedside and planned play activities and crafts with patients.
Child Life – puppets
Other Child Life volunteers help broaden the patient's imagination with puppets.

Media Center Performances

Entertainment, such as magic shows, musical performances and more, are a welcome distraction to patients and families undergoing treatment. Performances take place in our Walmart Sam’s Club Media Center, allowing them to be broadcast into patient rooms for those who can’t attend. If you’re interested in performing, please review these guidelines:

  • All performances must be screened and approved in advance and scheduled through the Child Life department by submitting the Application for Media Center Entertainers. Allow 4 weeks for application screening and booking.
  • Visits are scheduled Monday - Friday at 11 am or 2 pm.
  • No patient room visits are permitted for privacy, infection control and general safety reasons.
  • The best activities for our patients are:
    • Highly entertaining and invite participation
    • Appropriate for many ages
    • Physically and emotionally safe
    • Religiously and politically neutral
  • Performance theme should be child-friendly
  • Previous successful experience entertaining children is essential. Please submit a short video with your application for screening purposes (cell phone videos are acceptable).
  • All visitors must be at least 16 years old and in good health. Anyone who is not feeling well, has a fever, cough, cold, etc. should not visit. Additional restrictions may be in place during flu season, which is typically November through April.
  • The size of the group should be six people or less.
  • Performances should last 30-45 minutes.
  • Come prepared with everything needed for the visit. All materials and props used must be safe and approved by Child Life in advance of the visit.

Application for Media Center Entertainer