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Wolfson Children's Hospital Craniosynostosis


The caring team at our Cleft and Craniofacial Center are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of craniosynostosis and other cranial conditions.

Walter and Michelle Stys Neuroscience Institute

Wolfson Children’s Hospital provides pediatric neuroscience services in partnership with Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville and the University of Florida College of Medicine, Jacksonville. Learn more

Wolfson Children’s Hospital has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the 50 best children’s hospitals in the nation for neurology and neurosurgery. Our team is involved in research and clinical trials and provides treatment options based on the latest medical advancements.

Us News best Children's Specialty Neurology

Why Wolfson

Little Bodies Need Big Expertise. We believe children with skull defects deserve the focused attention of the most experienced specialists around, working as one team. Your family will have access to many specialists, programs and services here at Wolfson. Our pediatric neurosurgeons have completed training in fellowship programs accredited by the American Board of Pediatric Neurological Surgery.

Safety & Quality

Wolfson Children’s is known for its high marks in safety and quality. Our entire team and pediatric neurosurgeons adhere to high standards, and this focus on quality ensures the best outcomes for our patients.

Ongoing Support for Your Family

Our care goes beyond diagnosis and treatment. To help your child reach educational and social achievement, we surround your family with acute and long term care, including ENT support, occupational, speech and physical therapy, and dental and orthodontic care.

Conditions We Treat

We take the time to get to know your family and explain your child’s condition so all your questions are answered.

  • Sagittal craniosynostosis
  • Metopic synostosis
  • Coronal synostosis
  • Lambdoid craniosynostosis
  • Multi-suture and syndromic craniosynostosis
  • A condition called plagiocephaly can sometimes look like craniosynostosis. Our experts know the signs to tell these conditions apart.

Concerns about your baby’s head shape?

A pediatrician, physical therapist and neurosurgeon explain the possible reasons and what your first step should be. Watch video

Walter and Michelle Stys Neuroscience Institute

University of Florida College of Medicine, Jacksonville Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville Wolfson Children’s Hospital

Wolfson Children’s Hospital provides craniosynostosis services in partnership with Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville and the University of Florida College of Medicine, Jacksonville, and Children's Medical Services of Florida. Learn more

One family’s journey
with craniosynostosis

Watch the story
One family’s journey with craniosynostosis video
One family’s journey with craniosynostosis video

One family’s journey with craniosynostosis

Watch the story

Treatments We Offer

We will help you fully understand your treatment options to make the right choice for your family. Craniosynostosis is treated by two types of surgery, but which one depends on the type of condition and child’s age. Surgery prevents a buildup of pressure on the brain, allowing it more room to grow normally. Experienced pediatric neurosurgeons and craniofacial-maxillofacial surgeons work together in the operating room to make the repair.

Endoscopic Surgery

A minimally invasive treatment for craniosynostosis is available for many babies under 6 months old. Endoscopic (minimally invasive) repair involves a thin, lighted tube with a camera and small tools attached that are inserted into one or two small incisions. Surgeons remove bone but do not change the shape of the skull. Helmet therapy after surgery molds the skull into a normal shape.

A Brain Surgeon Prepping for Craniosynostosis Surgery

Open Surgery

When endoscopic surgery isn’t an option, open surgery is performed to remove some of the skull, reshape it and replace it with plates and screws that dissolve over time. Since this surgery reshapes the skull, there’s no need for a helmet afterward.

Post-Operative Care

After surgery, your child is cared for in a specialized pediatric intensive care unit staffed by a team specially trained in children’s neurological conditions.

Wolfson Children's Hospital High Tech Neurosurgery

High-Tech Neurosurgery

Wolfson Children's is a national leader in both minimally invasive and highly complex neurological surgeries. Our state-of-the-art operating rooms are specially equipped to bring MRI to the patient during surgery. Surgeons can use the sophisticated imaging equipment during procedures to precisely guide and verify intricate repairs, all leading to better outcomes.

Medical Education and Quality Improvement

  • Physicians, Registered Nurse Advanced Practitioners, Registered Nurses and Certified Physician Assistants participate in ongoing training and education as part of quality improvement systems.
  • Our programs have ongoing clinic and hospital care improvement protocols.
  • We engage parents and caregivers for better understanding of their child’s condition. Our Neurosurgery and Maxillo-Facial Pediatric Craniofacial Fellowship Program helps train the next generation of craniofacial experts.


We embrace emerging technologies and diagnostic systems to provide state-of-the-art care, and we continuously study patient outcomes to determine the success of new technologies, which improves care.

Our Team

The team provides compassionate, family-centered care in our state-of-the-art facility. Our neurosurgeons, craniofacial-maxillofacial surgeons and many other skilled specialists work together to create a treatment plan based on your child’s specific needs and the latest medical advancements.

  • Snyder Family Cleft and Craniofacial Center
  • Cleft & Craniofacial Clinic
  • Stys Neurosciences Institute
  • Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy Center
  • Neonatal Craniofacial Program
  • Maxillo-Facial Clinic
  • Psychology Clinic
  • Duran Genetics Center
  • Otolaryngology Clinic
  • Speech and Occupational Therapy Clinic
  • Dental Clinics
  • Orthodontics Services


The Cleft and Craniofacial Center serves the North Florida and South Georgia region and beyond. Wolfson Children’s is located on the south bank of the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida.