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Wolfson Children's Critical Care Tower

Wolfson Children’s Critical Care Tower

The Borowy Family Children's Critical Care Tower expands and enhances our ability to serve the most medically complex children in our growing community.

The 7-story, 225,000-square-foot building uses the latest technology available, and is home to all our intensive care units in one building, including:

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Center
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Center
  • Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
  • Neuro intensive care
  • Burn and wound care

Take a look inside

Comfort, Care and Healing

Spacious, Private Rooms
Families can spend a lot of time in an intensive care unit with their child, so comfort is important. Each room is furnished with a private bathroom with shower, comfortably sleeps two parents and maximizes natural light, which helps to promote well-being in children, infants and postpartum mothers.

Healing Arts
Throughout the building, visitors will find art in the lobby, critical care units and every patient room to inspire and uplift children and families as they heal.

Wolfson Critical Care Tower


See Inside
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Advanced-level technology and equipment, making it state-of-the-art in every way.

Specialized MRI Located in the NICU

  • This MRI inside the Neonatal Intensive Care Center allows parents to remain close to their baby, has less noise, and eliminates the risks, challenges, time and added stress of transporting critically-ill babies to another area of the hospital for scans.
  • We're one of the first to use this specialized equipment designed for the developing brains of our tiniest patients.

Predictive Technology for Better Outcomes

  • Wolfson Children's will be the first in the world to roll out technology on a large scale that predicts when a child's health will worsen before it even happens.
  • Artificial intelligence will analyze large amounts of data from the patient so the care team can intervene sooner and improve a patient's outcome.

Interactive Experience for Patients and Families

  • The GetWell Network lets kids and parents in our PICU, NICUs and CVICU be involved in their care through an interactive system of educational videos, entertainment, care plans and more.

  • Caregivers tailor content to the patient's needs, delivering information about your child's care and condition straight to the in-room TV.

Surrounding Both Mom & Baby with Care

Wolfson Children’s and Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville share a downtown campus, with the NICU just steps away from delivery rooms. That means mom and baby are both cared for under one roof, making it the ideal place to deliver your baby during a high-risk pregnancy.

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Care in Every Detail

The right environment can help the healing process and create better outcomes for kids. That's why we created mockup rooms before even starting construction to ensure the design of the space was just right. Doctors, nurses, hospital staff and parents gave their input on what worked and what didn't, resulting in a setting that is better for families, better for staff and better for children.