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Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Young children with neurodevelopmental disorders experience difficulties interacting with family members and making their needs known to others. However, research has shown that with early intervention, many of these children can learn social and communication skills to help them succeed at home and in school.

The Early Autism Intervention Program (EAIP) at Wolfson Children’s Hospital is a comprehensive treatment program for children ages 18 months to four years who have or are at risk for a neurodevelopmental disorder like autism, social communication disorders or other developmental delays.

Proven Treatment

We base our 16-week program on the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), a proven method for helping children with autism spectrum disorder increase their social interaction and improve their communication skills. Our ESDM-certified speech and occupational therapists work closely with parents and families to help develop your child’s early social-emotional, language and cognitive skills.

We use a combination of behavioral, developmental and play-based strategies designed specifically for your child’s needs. Your child’s therapy sessions will focus on improving socialization, imitation and play, and nonverbal and verbal communication skills. We will teach you how to incorporate therapy at home during your child’s daily routines and playtimes so your child can continue to develop and improve.

Does my child need the Early Autism Intervention Program?

Your child could benefit from the expertise of our Early Autism Intervention Program if he or she is between the ages of 18 months and four years and:

  • Makes limited eye contact or shared smiles
  • Does not look when their name is called
  • Wants to play alone or has difficulties playing with different types of toys
  • Says few or no words
  • Does not consistently follow verbal directions

VIDEO: Wolfson Autism & Neurodevelopment Center

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Autism Program in Action