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Wolfson Children's Hospital MR-I-Am Ready

MR-I Am Ready!

The successful MR-I Am Ready! program at Wolfson Children’s may be able to help your child get a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan without being sedated.

Child Life

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What is MR-I Am Ready!?

Led by Child Life, this free program is designed to familiarize children with the sights and sounds of the MRI and prepare them to lie still for extended periods of time.

What does this mean for you?

Less wait time to schedule an MRI, resulting in faster test results and no anesthesia-related risks and side effects.

Who can participate?

Children as young as 4 have completed the program.

Benefits of sedation-free MRI:

  • No risks from anesthesia
  • A history and physical from your child’s doctor are not needed
  • Your child can eat and drink the day of the MRI
  • Less anxiety and fear of the procedure through familiarity of what to expect
  • Night and weekend appointments are available
  • Your child may be able to watch a movie or listen to music during the MRI

Child Life

Contact us to learn more about MR-I Am Ready!


Sedation-free MRI

See how it works
Wolfson Children's Hospital MR-I Am Ready Video

How Does MR-I Am Ready! work?

You will schedule an appointment with the Child Life specialist and meet a few days before your child’s MRI is scheduled. During the 30-minute practice session, your child will:

If it doesn’t work, will there be a delay for the sedated MRI?

Nearly all children who participate in “MR-I Am Ready!” are able to complete their MRI while awake. However, if your child isn’t able to, their sedated MRI appointment will still be on the schedule so the scan is not delayed.