Wolfson Children’s ER – Town Center

Wolfson Children’s ER – Town Center

Wait Time: 4 min

ER Wait Times Explained: Our wait times are estimates of the time it takes from registration until you are placed in a treatment room for initial medical evaluation. Your wait may vary depending on injury or illness level.


Open 24/7

Where you take your child in an emergency matters!
Children have their own unique medical needs and our ERs are built with their growing bodies in mind.

  • Special protocols, equipment and staff to handle serious pediatric issues that may arise from seemingly minor symptoms.
  • Pediatric radiologists who understand the development of growth plates in children interpret all pediatric X-ray images.
  • Pediatric pharmacists at Wolfson Children’s are available to consult on medication management with our emergency physicians, which is critically important to children.

Baptist & Wolfson Town Center Emergency Room (ER)

4085 Town Center Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 32246