photo of Michael Olson, MD, PhD, Radiation Oncologist

Michael Olson, MD, PhD

Radiation Oncologist

Mike Olson, MD, PhD, obtained his degrees in pharmacology and cancer biology, researching molecular processes of cellular death critical to the treatment of human cancers. Wanting to see the benefits of his work directly, Dr. Olson decided to pursue a career in clinical medicine. His areas of expertise include:

  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery
  • Central Nervous System Cancers
  • Pediatric Cancers
  • Lung Cancers
  • Rectal and Anal Cancers
  • Bladder and Prostate Cancers
  • Gynecologic Cancers and Breast Cancers


  • Radiation Oncologist

  • Hospice & Palliative Medicine


  • American Board of Radiology (Radiation Oncology)

From the Doctor

I am a native of the Northeast having grown up in Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island. I met my wife in southern California and we have since moved throughout the country, living in North Carolina where I attended Duke, northern California while I was at Stanford, and most recently Jacksonville in 2009. I have a wonderful wife and two amazing daughters. Together, we play tennis and enjoy the wonderful Florida coast.

I am a huge proponent of patient-centered care. It is my role to help you understand your disease, inform you on the pros and cons of each treatment and provide you guidance as you make the choices that best fit your priorities. As a cancer researcher, I believe in making the latest in cancer therapies available to you. As a natural optimist, I am aggressive in the design of cancer-directed therapies. As a spiritual person, I understand that we physicians often cannot control events, but it is my honor and privilege to walk beside you on your journey and smooth out bumps in the road, as best as I am able. My patients know that I am their constant ally and we will exhaust any and all reasonable options as we battle your disease together.

I have been truly fortunate in my life and believe in giving back to the community by volunteering with We Care Jacksonville, and supporting the Baptist Health Foundation.


  • English

Legal Practice Name

  • Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Physicians Inc
  • Bachelor of Science

    Harvey Mudd College - Registrar - Claremont, CA

    1990 – 1994

  • Graduate

    California Institute of Technology - Registrar - Pasadena, CA

    1994 – 1996

  • Doctor of Philosophy

    Duke Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) - Durham, NC

    1996 – 2004

  • Doctor of Medicine

    Duke University School of Medicine - Durham, NC

    1996 – 2004

  • Internship

    University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill, NC

    2004 – 2005

  • Residency

    Stanford University Radiation Oncology Residency - Stanford, CA

    2005 – 2009

Education & Training