Our Commitment to Safety at Wolfson Children's Hospital

Wolfson Children’s Hospital has long been recognized for quality and safety — and during the COVID-19 crisis, we are enhancing our commitment to keep all patients, physicians, team members and visitors safe.

In Our Hospital and ERs

  • While children are only rarely admitted for COVID -19, we still take extreme precautions by:
    1. Isolating hospitalized COVID-19 patients, separate from non-COVID patients
    2. Negative-pressure air flow in COVID-19 patient rooms to prevent transmission outside the room
    3. Using Xenex germ-zapping UV technology to decontaminate rooms
    4. Designated staff and equipment assigned to COVID-19 units
  • COVID-19 testing before surgery that’s available in-house to accelerate patient results
  • New protocols for pretesting of surgical and procedural patients for COVID-19
  • New protocols to protect patients, physicians and team members from possible COVID-19 exposure during invasive procedures and surgery
  • Our care teams have the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed to keep you and your child safe
  • Limiting the number and ages of visitors

Throughout our continuum of care

  • Screening of all patients, physicians, team members and visitors at all entrances for COVID-19 symptoms, including universal temperature screening
  • Universal masking for team members, physicians, patients and visitors
  • Disinfecting and cleaning common areas with increased frequency
  • Increasing emphasis on existing infection prevention measures, such as clean hands only!
  • Limiting the number and ages of visitors to outpatient settings and physician offices
  • Social-distancing programs to ensure more distance in waiting rooms and other common areas
  • Expanding post-hospital care services to help recently discharged patients receive the rehabilitative care they need at home
  • Expanding options for care, with virtual appointments available for scheduling as well as carefully coordinated face-to-face visits that may be needed