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Going back in time with Wolfson Children’s Hospital, the contents of a time capsule buried on Nov., 5, 1993, will be revealed

Jacksonville, FL —

So much can happen in just one day at a children’s hospital — patients healed, families comforted and innovations developed. This means the history made in 25 years is truly something to celebrate.

On Monday, November 5, at 11 am, current administration and team members from Baptist Health and Wolfson Children’s Hospital will gather in front of the building to unearth and open a time capsule buried there at the dedication of the hospital on that same date in 1993. Decades of leaders and team members, including past leadership, hospital board members, donors, physicians and nurses, will join them.

The time capsule contains Wolfson Children’s memorabilia from 1993, including publications, specialty items, and an autographed copy of “Goodnight Moon,” the book read to patients by the late former First Lady, Barbara Bush, who was the speaker at the dedication 25 years ago.

The time capsule was buried to mark a major milestone in the hospital’s history — the opening of a 220,000-square-foot, 90-bed patient care tower dedicated solely to children after a years-long capital campaign. Since then, the nationally recognized, full-service children’s hospital has grown from 180 total beds in 1993 between two buildings to 216 beds, with a full range of high-tech services. Wolfson Children’s Hospital’s reach has expanded just as quickly, well beyond Northeast Florida, serving children in South Georgia, Daytona, Lake City, Tallahassee as well as kids from around the Southeastern United States and the world.