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Family Links: Access to Social Services

Family Links is a support program addressing health-related social conditions that impact the quality of children's wellness.

The Power of a Healing Environment

Where children live, play, and learn has a far greater influence on their long-term health outcomes than traditional medical care.

Family Links is a child- and family-centered support program at Wolfson Children’s Hospital made possible by The Jim & Tabitha Furyk Foundation, addressing health-related social conditions that impact the quality of children’s wellness.

Family Links aims to assist families by identifying the social needs impacting their health, expanding access to community resources, and empowering family decision-making that leads to better health outcomes for children. From food insecurity, transportation, and housing/rent issues, to employment support, childcare, legal assistance and access to basic household goods and supplies, Family Links is here to address these crucial needs and promote our children’s health and well-being throughout the community.

a nurse listens to a baby's heart beat while the parents stand by

A story of help, hope and healing

Family Links recently supported a family with additional basic needs as they were seeking assistance obtaining health insurance coverage through THE PLAYERS Center for Child Health at Wolfson Children's Hospital. During the application process, the family identified needs for both food and clean clothes for their four children, all under the age of nine.

Through Family Links, the family was quickly connected to local community resources that provided clothing, hygiene products and food for the entire family. Their health insurance enrollment through Family Links resulted in both their social needs being met and the strengthening of local community relationships.

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Meet Our Team

The Family Links team of Resource Navigators is dedicated to helping your family by connecting you to supportive community resources that leads to better health outcomes for children. For more information about Family Links, call 904.202.9355.

a family of 5 at wolfson children's hospital talking about their son's illness.

Addressing health-related social conditions to improve children’s wellness