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Wolfson Children's Hospital Emergency Centers

Emergency & Trauma

Keeping Kids Safe

Wolfson Children's Hospital has long been recognized for quality and safety. And during the COVID-19 crisis, we've enhanced our commitment to keep all patients, physicians, team members and visitors safe. As we welcome children for procedures, appointments and surgeries, you can rest assured that we have protocols in place to keep them safe in our care.

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COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Wolfson Children’s has the most experienced pediatric emergency teams around. From broken bones and breathing problems to traumatic injuries, we are the experts at caring for kids with life-threatening and urgent medical needs.

If your child’s injury or illness is life-threatening, please call 911

Wolfson Children's Emergency Centers

Where You Go in An Emergency Matters

We know that children have their own unique medical needs and our children's emergency centers are built with your child’s growing body in mind. Wolfson Children’s has special protocols, equipment and staff to handle serious pediatric issues that may arise from seemingly minor symptoms.

Pediatric Trauma Referral Center

In the event of a serious traumatic injury, bring your child to the Porter Family Children’s Trauma Center at our downtown campus. With a 24/7 in-house pediatric trauma team, we provide faster, direct access to specialized care during the critical "golden hour" following a trauma.

Our ER and Trauma Center in downtown Jacksonville earned the Emergency Nurses Association Lantern Award. This honor is bestowed on emergency departments that exemplify exceptional practice and innovative performance in the core areas of nursing leadership, practice, education, advocacy, and research.

2021-2024 Lantern Award Seal

Children should visit the ER if they have:

  • A wound that won’t stop bleeding
  • Breathing problems like shortness of breath or difficulty inhaling/exhaling
  • A blow to the head that causes loss of consciousness, disorientation or sleepiness
  • Possible medical overdose or possible poisoning
  • A faster-than-normal heartbeat that doesn’t slow with rest
  • A stiff neck accompanied by a fever and disorientation
  • If you suspect your child has a broken bone

Why Wolfson

We know kids

We don’t just say we know kids, we really do know kids. Wolfson Children’s has been caring for children in our region since 1955. Treatment at our emergency centers comes with the full range of resources of our nationally recognized children’s hospital. That means quick access to doctors representing 30+ pediatric specialties when it matters most.

Experience Counts

Sometimes a child’s condition may not appear serious; however, our pediatric ER specialists have extensive training and experience caring for kids, so they are able to recognize even the smallest of signs when a child is in trouble.

Minimizing Radiation Exposure

Kid-sensitive imaging is our specialty. We use “Image Gently” protocols to give children the lowest dose of radiation possible while still providing accurate results.

If your child’s injury or illness is life-threatening, call 911

Wolfson Children's Emergency Centers

Designed with kids in mind, our emergency rooms
offer a welcoming environment for families.

Woman pulling child in blue wagon throw ER lobby
Little boy smilign while leaning on ottoman in ER lobby
Father holding daughter in ER lobby

Top Reasons Wolfson Children’s is the Right Choice

Wolfson Children's Hospital ER Light
  • Open 24/7
  • No other ERs in the region have more experience with every level of emergency care for children
  • Board-certified pediatric radiologists read all X-rays, CTs and MRIs
  • Pediatric pharmacists review all medication orders
  • Pediatric imaging technologists use the lowest possible radiation exposure
  • Kid-sized trauma equipment and imaging technology
  • Kid-friendly treatment techniques to increase comfort
  • Our downtown ER fast track clinic offers treatment of less urgent injury or illness

Critical Care Transport

Hospitals and physicians can arrange transportation of critically ill children to Wolfson Children’s Hospital from another facility on our helicopters, plane or Kids Kare Mobile Intensive Care Unit. Newborns to teenagers will receive the critical care they may need while en route.

Learn more and arrange transport

Wolfson Children's Hospital Kids Kare Mobile ICU

Direct Access to Life Saving Trauma Care When Minutes Matter

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